Take a sip

First, the surprise of ginger – full and fruity.
Then, the shock of chilli – hot and amazing.
A thrilling heat wave runs through your body.
The unique taste and sensation of Pimento.
You need a second sip. A second experience.
You just won’t want any other soft drink from now on!
(With lime it’s even better)


You’ll love the kick

Pimento is probably the best spicy ginger drink in the world!

Made with ginger, tonic and hot pepper natural flavours, it contains also small amounts of bitter orange, lime, gentian and oregano natural flavours.

A unique and innovative soft-drink made in France, low in sugar and full of taste. Bottle closed by a twist-off cap.

Furthermore, Pimento is a ready, natural accompaniment for many of the world’s foods – perfect with South-American, Caribbean, Asian, Scandinavian, Mexican, Indian, Anglo-Saxon, African, Spanish or Middle-Eastern cuisines.

Pimento is a real and daring experience. It produces an amazing kick, it tastes like alcohol but it’s not!

It tastes like alcohol

but it’s not

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